Techhires is currently searching for potential employees to work in several different roles and capacities throughout the company. Check below to see if any of our listings are a good fit for your skillset and experience.

Job Search

Techhires, LLC is seeking position of Software Developer in Hartford, CT and various, unanticipated domestic client locations throughout the United States. Position requires a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electronic Engineering, position requires 3 years of experience in the position offered. Aforementioned 3 years of experience must include at least 6 months of experience in the following skills:  MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, MongoDB and Git. Job Duties: Planning, analysis, design, development, deployment and maintenance of product lifecycle. Analyze user requirement and define processes in gathering business and functional requirements. Produce technical documentation. Developing Test Cases and Support unit testing, UAT, and debug and refine the product to meet business requirements.  Position may require travel.  Send resumes, RFE. 21.003.1 to

Employee Referral Program:
The Employee Referral Bonus Program was developed to award the recruitment efforts of all full time employees of the organization. Effective 05/06/2014 , any employees who successfully refer an applicant for a vacant position posted will receive $1000.

Program Details

Referring Employee:
The referring employee must be employed by Techhires at the time of hire of the referred candidate If you are directly responsible or on the hierarchy chain for the applicant's position, you are not eligible for the program You must be Techhires employee at the time payouts are given. You may refer as many applicants as desired